Meet Us!

DENEM embraces nostalgia and rethinks the staple pieces we know and love by reinterpreting them using textiles. All of our products are thoughtfully made in small batches in the Los Angeles, CA.

We are constantly creating and releasing small runs of pieces. When we run out that may be it! 


Meet the team behind it all:

Spinning Yin YangHi I'm  Emily (the em in Denem) 

 I grew up in socal  (in beach cities of LA). I always loved creating- cooking, painting, anything that I could get my hands dirty. Since discovering the versatility of denim and surface/ textile treatments I have aimed to rethink the denim jean. Reworking proportions  and adding  texture in ways that seem unconventional while keeping the beloved silhouette of a standard five pocket.

Hi It's Jo

Nice to meet you :} Jewelry designer & creative in NYC 


Hi I'm Alex

I'm made in LA and so are my clothes. I love the craft of sewing denem jeans.  




Special thanks to the other creatives that were involved in Project No.1 !

Ally Dechant - Styling

Austin Zukerman - Press / Marketing

Eric Freedman - Photographer

Jo Biscailuz - Digital Design/ Web 

Raelle Daltilio - Makeup

Sanjay Kapila  - Photographer


Elle & Olivia

Ana, Gabby, Michael, Selena